Texas Lawyers' Insurance Exchange (TLIE) provides legal malpractice insurance to lawyers and judges. This CLE website provides loss prevention information and CLE to Texas lawyers.

Insureds can receive a coupon code to take CLE for free. The coupon code will be sent to the email address of the firm administrator listed in the application, or you may request the code from freecle@tlie.org. Include your firm name as shown on your policy to receive the code.

TLIE Insureds who purchase Regular Policies qualify for a 3% discount on their next policy. You must take a total of 2 hours of TLIE approved CLE each year to qualify for the discount. For questions about discount eligibility, email info@tlie.org.

Playback Problems. In the past, we have noted most are due to temporary network or client issues. Clearing the browser or logging in often helps. If you have to restart, there is a progress bar you can use to go to when you left off. Hover over the video, and the progress bar should appear. If problems continue, please contact us at freecle@tlie.org.

We repeat courses with new course numbers annually in some cases. If you haven't taken this year's version, you can get credit for taking a course with the same name as in the past. We review the content, and post revised information with the course.

NOTE: Use Create Account when getting your first course, even if you are an "old" TLIE customer. The account you will set up is a personal one, and you can create a new password.

Problems? Contact TLIE at 1-800-252-9332, or email us at freecle@tlie.org. We do our best to resolve problems during business hours.

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